Following the Dharma Flow

Someone asked me this week how I started my new business Mindful Tradition. The question took me by surprise and I had to take a moment to think, because it was never a conscious choice. I do not often sit down and conjure up my next plan, I follow the threads of intuition and the natural patterns forming around me.

I finally responded that it was more of this thing that started happening and I had decided that it needed a name.

I never set out to start a business. Instead I had conversations with people. I listened to what was ailing people, I witnessed their struggles, and I lived with them for a time. I started seeing that I had the skills to provide a need and a comfort for people. I started seeing the way in that I could be part of the solution. So I started talking about it, and thinking about it, and living with a vision of what I could offer to others.

Before I knew it people were asking for the help I knew I could offer, soon other people were excited and invested in the idea I was living with.

That is when it needed a name. And then it needed a logo, and a webiste, and photos, and a space to work, and a computer, and a video (comming soon), and a grant, and…..

There is a lot of work to be done. Sure it was sort of a passive beginning but it is now a free for all of house hunting, home schooling, and starting two new businesses for our family of 5 all in the past month. Wowzers.

I have done so many things in the past month that I never would have pegged myself for. Like Networking, just never thought myself as much of a schmoozer. But I really enjoy getting to to meet these amazing powerhouse people and talking about the things I love with them. Or managing a website, if you had asked me a year ago if I would be in charge of a website about myself I would have laughed in your face. Once my amazing husband (*cough *cough) made me the site, he taught me how to use it, and then went on his merry way… to the end of the dining room table where I am constantly asking him for help. But to be fair I am for the most part using it on my own, at a month in, and that feels like a win. There are a thousand other small things but needless to say I have remained open to the process and taken each small step towards creating a path forward for myself.

And it is when I was ruminating on all this I realized I am in the smack dab middle of a dharmic shift. Double wowzers.

It is yet another one of those pivotal moments in my life that for the first time I am consciously aware of and witnessing with intent interest. I am allowing the flow of Dharma to continue to unfold in my life. And I know that no matter what comes next whether it is termed a success or a failure I am currently on the right path.

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