From The Depths of Covid

So this week covid happened to me, my husband, and all three of my kids. Now I would like to start off by saying how unbelievably lucky we were that all of us are OK, and that none of us needed medical care in a time when local hospitals are entering a state of emergency and turning away patients.

But holy cannoli, did that shit knock me on my ass. And it may be the actual sickness, or it may be the trying to care for people while sick (which once I tested positive my husband did take the reins, but in proper motherhood martyrdom form I waited says before taking the test), or maybe it was all of us sick at once, or maybe it was that none of us had it the same, or maybe it was just not being able to go anywhere under quarantine. Whatever it was I am not to keen on it happening again.

I have to say the not being able to go anywhere else did make it seem as though it spread much faster through our family. My husband got it on a Thursday, me and my youngest got it on a Sunday and my other two kids got it on a Tuesday. I don’t think all of us have ever succumbed to a sickness like that before. Also we all tested positive either through a state testing site or a rapid test at home.

We all had about a 48hr acute period with high fever that I would say was the worst of it but our symptoms ranged from high fever, to diarrhea and vomiting, to sore throats and sniffly noses to headaches and body aches. I praise whatever god I am speaking to on a given day that I did not lose my smell or taste.

Now on the other side of it still slightly fevering and just generally icky I have a few things to say about the whole ordeal and a list of recommendations should you ever find yourself in the same godforsaken boat.

First of all in the intensity of my fever haze I was able to connect parts of my life and personal development that I have never been able to before. Like I could literally see these disconnected part of my life coming together to form a puzzle of my own insight and person development (full disclosure it may have been after watching Encanto with the kids). It was like these things that I have been fully cognitive of and working on for years were suddenly deepened at a rapid rate. My theory as to why is because it takes deep vulnerability to do transformative personal work and I was exceptionally vulnerable with a temperature of 103.8 sweating and mumbling in bed.

The next is the full on irony that I have been working with the idea of “self care in the winter” for my business. Here I am talking and teaching about shifts in the winter and blah, blah, blah, and something I had not even considered talking about is how to A) how to stay healthy in the winter time, B) what to do when you are sick in the winter time, or C) letting others take care of you when you are sick. Clearly things I will be speaking to next week in my live videos and blog posts for Mindful Tradition. (If you want to check out more about my business you can go here.)

Also just ask for what you need! I put together a list of things we needed on social media with our address. And then I no longer had to even think, the boxes just started arriving. And it wasn’t just the things I thought we needed but movies rented for the kids to watch, puzzles, humidifiers, the works! Here is the thing about asking for help, all we need to do is open the door to receiving and the universe takes care of the rest.

Now as far as recommendations for treatment, the conventional treatments include:

*Mucinex for adults or kids

*Vitamin D

*Eating Citrus



Now I am gonna get a bit woo woo on you and tell you yes we did the above things and then we also supplemented that with a but ton of other stuff which I will list now:

*Throat coat tea, echinacea tea, gypsy cold care tea, and I also made my own tea out of lemon and ginger (Both fresh and sliced thinly steeped in hot water)

*Lots of hot steamy showers, and a humidifier added to the room of the child with the gnarly cough

*Yoga, yoga and more yoga. This helped so much with the body aches and working with meditation. I even made a covid yoga flow on my Ko-Fi sight if you want to check that out here.

*We supplemented the kids Mucinex with The natural kids Robitussin formula and the Hylans cold and mucus formula.

*Take something and rest as soon as you start to feel sick! Those of us that that got sent to bed (everyone except for me in my youngest because while I was in denial about being sick, I was also denying that she was sick to) at the first sign of symptoms recovered WAY faster.

*Essential oils: peppermint, eucalyptus, and oregano. These can be put in the bottom of the shower, in a bath, in a humidifier, or applied directly to the bottoms of the feet and massaged in up to three times a day

*Stay warm! Socks on the feet at all times and a light scarf even indoors.

*Elderberry gummies for everyone

*Emergen-C for everyone

*Chicken soup, morning, noon, and night

OK loves that is all I have in me for now, because well I have a lot to catch up on after the past week. I really hope you all stay happy and healthy out there, and that my own misadventures in life can be a little salve to your soul.

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