Lessons I Have Learned From My Nipples

I know, I know, why in gods name would I be writing about my nipples. To which I respond: WHY NOT?
Why aren’t more people writing about their nipples? If you havent learned anythign from your nipples you arent living your best life. I am pretty sure I could write a blog post about any part of my body, because in connecting to your physical body you are connecting to life itself.

Now to be clear I am writing about nipples because I think it is eye catching and an interesting lens through which to view my life.

So please learn from the lessons of my nipples, and may you forge your own path forward with your nipples.

Lesson 1: To be ashamed of my body. When you are a little girl you are told to hide your body away from the world. My nipples were these things to be guarded about, to not talk about, not think about, not to look at, not to show off. My nipples were this part of me that was dirty and naughty and to be repressed.

Lesson 2: My nipples are powerful. As you can guess, I strongly revolted against the dictatorship familial rule over my nipples. In my late teenage years I was all too eager to show them off to people,to be proud of them. I wanted to connect with them, befriend them, befriend them to others. I wanted to free them from the idea that their was shame associated with them, and in that journey I realized they had a power of their own. People were mesmerized by them. By my audacity to let my nipples live their best life, it freed others to do the same. My nipples has started a small revolution: FREE THE TITTIES!

Lesson 3: Making milk is my superpower. Entering into motherhood and breast feeding my babies brought a whole new purpose to my nipples. They were now the vessel through which I could sustain life. Each child blazed their own trail with my nipples. Each one left their own mark on my physical body in that way. My nipples were the initial connection between me and my children, from womb to tit so to say. And making milk? Just, holy shit. What a divine purpose to create not just a life but to nourish it from my own physical life. Men will as a whole never understand that connection or the emotions associated with it.

Lesson 4: My sexuality it not inherently tied to parts of my body. The thing about making milk and doing the amazing work of suckling a child from your teat is that it creates a powerful shift in the body from being a sexual being to a nourturing being. While my niples and their power were once tied to sexuality and reclaiming the power of my body, after having kids they were more akin to the life goals of a cow. Meaning I did not want them touched in a sexual way, my nipples were touched out. So I had to redefine my idea of my body and my sense of sexuality. I had to be OK with my nipples not being sexual entities or I would have gone down the path of resentment with breastfeeding, and that is just some bad juju.

Lesson 5: Don’t have sex when your covered in poison ivy. This lesson is recent and what prompted this whole blog post. Me and my husband engaged in marital activities while I was actively covered in poison ivy. The next day I had an experience like someone was tweaking my nipple, which at first was interesting and cool, and then was immediately followed by a lot of pain. This happened a few times before I took my shirt off and realized that I had spread the poison ivy to my chest, boobs, and nipples. So word to the wise here friends, do not spread nasty blisters to sensitive areas, Stay clothed and stay safe!

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