The Greening

One of the things that makes me fall in love with nature all over again whenever I walk outside is the diversity of color. I think we often experience colors under the rigid guidelines of the Crayola box that we were given his children. However, when I think of the color blue I think of it in the ocean, or the sky, or in a flower. I think of colors in terms of experiences, and thus they are often attached to found memories.

I think one of the greatest expressions of this is the color green in early spring. There’s a brief period of time, perhaps about two weeks, where everything is it’s own and distinct shade of green. 

Where the grass is just coming up. Were the greens of flowers are making themselves known. We’re the buds have burst forth showing the glory of their green once hid in a casing. Where the moss is enlivened and the lichen seems a stark contrast to the new beauty that surrounds it, this taking on its own sheen of green.

And it’s own distinct smell. This time of year the color green has a smell. How amazing is that? Just go outside on a warm day and take a deep breath. That is the smell of new life forming. It’s the kind of smell I can close my eyes and forget all my worries in.

Soon all the greens will melt into one homogenous blob. That very particular scent will be gone. And this precious moment of time in the year will be gone and there will be no other year exactly like this one. So take the time to go outside. Take note of the buds on the trees. Take note of the weeds growing in the ditches. Find something new and remarkable in this particular time of year, and then fall in love with it. Completely surrender to the beauty that surrounds you in every moment of every day.

Then next year intensely and intentionally observe the same period of time. What are the differences, what are the similarities? When the world is bullshit chaos there is no end to the peace I find in the returning nuances of nature. This is a gift to myself that I have unknowingly been cultivating for years. So I encourage you to take advantage of this greening. There is no time like the present to make new memories, start new traditions, or just be some badass foliage lover.

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