Finding Your Calm In A Shit Storm

I am certain that my life’s work is to remain calm and equitable in the shit storm that is life. To learn how to greet the unpredictable nature of being human rather than begrudge it.

Generally, when I write on this topic it is in the vein of being home with small children or navigating close relationships in your life. But these days chaos is a general mood that we live in. The things that we once took for granted have slowly faded away and all we are left with is ourselves and the reality we create. 

So herein you will find some helpful tools to strive towards a calmer existence and what to do when you are on the verge of tears/going to put your fist through a wall. Because what the world needs right now is levity, joy and love. There is enough tension and anxiety, and each one of us can foster a mood to counter culture that. So take heart in a time that may feel out of control or hopeless, we got this. And if you happen to have little people around like I do, they need us, now more than ever, to know that the world is a safe place.

Tips for fostering an even-keeled attitude:

  • Develop a daily meditation practice. Whatever this means to you, explore and create something that resonates deep within your soul. Mine is solitary, screen-free, with a self-guided visual aspect.
  • Practice breathing daily. Like I get the fact that we all breath every day, but there is a butt-ton of different ways to do it, so again do some research and find your groove thang.
  • Practice yoga. I highly recommend Kripalu style yoga, as it is a practice that highlights and pulls in themes for practice both on and off the mat.
  • Practice body tapping. It is a process of literally tapping on the whole body to keep energy channels open, then close it off with a Tarzan yell while banging on the chest. This will get that angsty juju out ahead of time.
  • Have a mantra. Mine is I am home, I am loved, I am safe. I say this to myself all the time, when I have a free moment, just rewriting my personal history and preparing myself for tough times ahead. It is also fantastic for those of you that toss and turn at night. This always puts me to sleep in less than five minutes.
  • Be inquisitive. If something annoying is happening for the 837th time, ask yourself why. If your day is a train wreck no matter what you do, ask yourself why. If you just got into the same fight with your partner again, ask yourself why.
  • Trust your intuition. Listen to your own wisdom and do not question it. Ad know that this is something you can cultivate, it just takes inner reflection.
  • Know what you can control and take ownership of it. I know that when my house is tidy and organized I feel a settling in my soul. So I make sure things are to a standard that I can fee safe and relaxed in and try not to impose my standards on others.

Things to do before losing your shit:

  • Go split some wood. I can not emphasize enough the benefits of this.
  • Take deep breaths, and exhale longer than you inhale. This turns on the parasympathetic nervous system and slows the body down taking it out of fight or flight mode. (Your welcome)
  • Go outside and scream, like from the depths of your very being until you have nothing else left to give.
  • Take a time out.
  • If you have noticed you are about to freak out and are not yet, listen to what your narrative is. Then question that narrative and rewrite the story so that it is reflecting the reality of the situation. Often times I find it is a vast exaggeration of the truth and by doing this I can ground myself in reason.
  • Use homeopathic’s such as: St. Johns wort massage oil, rescue remedy, CBD, etc.

2 thoughts on “Finding Your Calm In A Shit Storm

  1. carol Clark says:

    Great writing, brings back memories, but you have much better solutions. I use the CBD w a little THC oil for my Epilepsy(much better than w big pharma stuff) Carol


  2. Hannah Marika says:

    This is everything right now. And a great go-to always. Thank you for sharing! I especially would like to re-emphasize and show my support regarding splitting wood as a shit de-escalator, it really does work. ❤


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