A Mothers Meditation for 2020

I reevaluate my meditation practice from time to time. As I’ve shared in a previous post https://thehotmesshomestead.com/2019/07/27/meditation-and-motherhood/ I take one minute to however many minutes I have available each morning to do a small centering before I start my day. I have noticed a vast difference in how I greet the events of each day whether or not I’ve maintained this practice. Translation: The people around me are better off if I maintain this practice.

Like any practice in life it’s important to reevaluate if it is still meeting your needs and serving you. Early into January 2020 I realized that I was needing to change my practice. I returned to something that I’ve done for years on and off as it suits me. I would really encourage you to try it out sometime. For a day or a week, just for curiosity sake. It doesn’t have to be impactful for you like it is for me. And maybe you already have a practice that serves you, or maybe this will encourage you to reevaluate and find a practice that would better serve you in this time and space in your life.

To start identify a time of the day, and a space that is your dedicated space. Name it as you want. Your reflection corner, your Sunny salutation nook, your leave me the fuck alone alter. What is important is that you create ceremony and ritual.

1. Get into a comfortable seated position, I recommend sorting on the edge of a cushion or fded blanket to help with hip alignment, eliminate knee pain, and help maintain proper posture. If it’s helpful for you to turn on music, or ring a singing bowl, or start an affirmation or chant. Something that symbolizes your intention to start your practice.

2. Then envision a member of your family and imagine that individual is holding a shining bright light. This light symbolizes their higher self. It’s your children when they share and are kind to each other. It’s your partner when in the middle of a difficult conversation can uphold there integrity. It can also be any other person you feel that needs to be held in your consciousness. For me those are often people I’ve had a difficult interaction with, or someone that may be really sick and far away and I’m unable to physically offer assistance, or someone that I know was struggling on their own path and development. Whoever it is just start with one person imagine that person either holding their light, or the light radiating out of their chest or the light floating above their head,in someway incorporate this person with their inner light.

3. This is not a space for reaction or judgment, just try to hold this individual and their light in your consciousness. Do this for ten seconds or a minute, however long it takes, and then move on to the next person. Do this. For all the people you want, and then if you want to go deeper with it than envision yourself with your light.

4. Close the space. Maybe with a bow, Om, sound, or prayer. Whatever floats your boat and will give some closure to the ritual. Let it go for the day and pick it up the next day.

I personally find myself then less reactive to these people I have held in such a special way. That when I can remove my own judgment of a person I am reacting to an actual situation and not my own bull shit. So try it out and see what you notice. See what other people notice too. They may see a shift in you, that you have yet to identify for yourself.

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