Weekend Warriors

I have spent my life diving head first into subcultures. Living and breathing into all they have to offer. I find an ease floating from one group of people to the next, or from one state to the next. But their is nothing quite so satisfying as being able to fully immerse oneself in an experience. I believe in order to do that you need more than a weekend.

Now I myself was once a weekend warrior. I went to school full time while working full time. One weekend a month the I would take off work and head to the hills, valleys, and gorges of New York state. I would turn my phone off, and leave the texts books at home, so I could fully embrace the fresh air, the bounty of aesthetic abundance, and companionship of whomever I was traveling with. I would return to my day to day grind feeling refreshed but always looking forward to the next adventure. My everyday life was something to get away from. Let it be clear, I had amazing friends and enjoyed my days living in a city, but it never felt…right. Like their was always something missing something not quite attained.

Fast forward to working on a trail crew in a 10 million acre wilderness where I lived in my tent for five months. Unplugged that whole time, writing letters, seeing bear and wolves, living off peanut butter and jelly wraps, stickers bars, and blocks of cheese, I was blissed out. I realized we can not fully embrace our surroundings as a weekend warrior. It takes longer than 48 hours to unplug. To turn off the brain from the responsibilities from our overdrive lives.

I think that the same is true for any experience. It takes longer than a weekend to live into an experience that is contrary to your everyday life. You have to fully disengage to order to fully engage. And I think this is more than true for being outdoors and unplugging. I think it is applicable to a yoga or spa retreat center or spending time with family. We have to commit to being fully present to recieve the benefits of a given situation. And the appropriate amount of time. I personally believe that takes more than a weekend.

So try it out. Take your next vacations unplugged in the woods. Or really spend some time visiting with your family and commit to not checking your email or social media. Commit to time well spent with yourself or with others and make sure it lasts longer than a weekend.

One thought on “Weekend Warriors

  1. Carol & John Clark says:

    It is the marriage of the soul with nature that makes the intellect fruitful, and gives birth to the imagination. Henry David Thoreau.

    Thank you Kaylin, we love your writings, Carol & John


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