I Give Green Gifts

Now, before you get too excited I am not talking about cannabis or cold hard cash. It is something way sexier… thank home made and upcycled gift giving. I am sure I have mentioned before that I am cash broke. So I am left to scour Second hand shops, look for beautiful treasures out in nature, or tenderly craft things with love. I may not be great at remembering birthdays but when it comes to the holiday season I fucking crush it.

Now even if I had oodles and caboodle’s of money, I would like to think that I would still strive towards Green giftgiving. Partially because I think it helps to foster a culture of reference around the season. This is not a one stop shop at the mall kind of endeavor. It takes months of planning, late night date nights crafting with my husband and friends, thinking about a person while walking through the woods and finding a rock that I think is meant for them, walks with my children to collect bits of nature to turn into ornaments, it is no small feat to send these tokens of love off to all corners of the earth.

I think this gesture also is in contrast to the capitalistic society that I live in. Where love can be equated into dollar bills. My children know that when they get a knitted kitten hood from me that I have been thinking fondly of them the whole time I made it, And that when they wear it it’s like I’m giving them a warm hug. It’s the idea of reducing waste by buying something secondhand rather than creating more junk that will clutter landfills. Because I am assuming most people are like me. I would hardly call myself a minimalist but I am a far cry from a hoarder. So if I am giving a gift,I can at least have the peace of mind that if an individual does not keep it at least I have not created more waste in the world. I have instead found an item once loved, and with love passed it on to somebody that I care for.

I often go so far as to recycle gift wrap, or make my own out of paper that would’ve otherwise been recycled or burned in the fire. Once again reducing the amount of waste that is accrued in the name of giftgiving in this fine season. Think old paper bags that the kids have drawn on. Think differently about an old coffee bag because then your gift is also going to smell awesome. Ink reused ribbons and bows from previous holidays. Think reused apple bags, or old linens tied around a gift.

I think it’s also important to foster this sentiment in young children. When they actively play a part in the creation and giftgiving of gifts they become acutely aware of how hard we work for what we provide for them. When I give my children a gift it comes with a depth of appreciation and thanks. This year i am going to have my oldest who is 5 start to write thank you notes on upcycled paper sent as post cards.

I am sure their are a million different ways to be Green this holiday season. Commit to trying a few this year and see new holiday tradition come alive.

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