It Takes a Village

There are a lot of people I love that are scattered around. I have an inclination to travel on a regular basis. These two statements coexist happily in my life. However given the fact that I am a guardian to three little cutie patootie’s it doesn’t mean that they are prone to my sense of adventure. Now it is always a frantic dash to travel as one adult with three small children. The long hours in the car, screaming, the repetition of children CDs, and the general throwing of snacks over your shoulder as you’re speeding down the highway and people are complaining in the backseat. It is most assuredly a hair-raising event.

So why would I do it you ask, why would I subject myself to all this. It’s because where ever I am going I know there are people that are going to help me take care of my kids. They are the fully adored book readers, bath givers, and snack makers. And all of my friends whether they have children of their own or in general cower at the idea of making their own little mini me’s open their hearts to my children. The beauty of this is not lost of me.

Each person offers my children the best version of themselves. The version of themselves that has something to offer the future, the opportunity to share what they love with the next generation. I am forever grateful for all the hours these people have spent coparenting my children. I know that while they can be nerve grading at times it is a reciprocal gift. My children also have gifts to teach these adults.

Just as when I was a single adult floating through the world my friends children would offer themselves to me. They would show me the tender and nurturing parts of myself that had been unrecognized up until that point. And by spending time with other peoples children I realized myself that I had something to offer these children. And I am so glad that I learned that lesson before having children of my own.

And this is where I get to the point that I think it takes a village. I could not do what I do without the support of numerous adults around me tending to the small needs of my children. Thankfully we are firmly planted in a life sharing community and so there are an abundance of homes in which my children feel safe. When my husband is traveling I can arrange an overnight for my eldest at another house. When my middle child is being at her worst distractive and at her best to nuisance I send her on a play date to another house. And when I am called out of the house for a meeting I know that I can leave my youngest with the young man that lives with us, that he will run around the house with her on his shoulder, and that I will be able to hear the squeals of laughter through the open windows.

Sooooo thank you. Thank you to all of the people that are out their, raising my children. Because without you I could not get through the mundane day-to-day operations of being a mother, and without you I could not go through large-scale operations like traveling alone with my three little heathens. Just know that I’m going to pay it forward. That I have in the past and still now am very proud of my title as ”Auntie Kay Kay.” That I can be counted on to change diapers and make snacks, or take your tween daughters out shopping. Because it takes a village, and I’m thankful that I have a village to be a part of.

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