The Journey Begins

So this is how we start. I am the proud and exhausted mother of three children. When my last was born I had 3, 3 and under. The practical application of this is that I haven’t slept through the night in about five years. It also means that I don’t have enough personal time or free space to actually start a blog. So all of my writings will be done through voice to text so all judgments about grammar and editorial skills can be thrown out the fucking window because they’re not applicable here. Also if you’re sensitive to language this isn’t the right blog for you. While I have always had the disposition and vocabulary of a sailor, the lack of sleep over the past half a decade has led me to forget most words that use more than four letters. I think that these two factors will make for an interesting read. Much like books that don’t use punctuation, or utilize things like chapters or page numbers it will be a garbled mess of nonsense. Nonsense that I would like to think will lead to inspiration and strength for other mothers in the shit show called parenthood or homesteading.

In an unrelated yet related note our large family also happens to live in an intentional community in a rural setting on a farm. Well this certainly adds to the depth and complexity of the life that we live it will not be a dominant portion of these writings. There may be themes that come up from time to time, but to respect the privacy of the people that we love and live with I will try to maintain as much discretion about our location as possible. So perhaps these nonsensical writings could also be to the benefit of people living or trying to start intentional communities.

I have many hobbies that I think will surface in this medium from time to time that fall in line with nature, crafting, photography, and all the necessary aspects of trying to Homestead. Now home steading by my definition is cultivating or helping to cultivate as much of your own food as possible, to live off the land where possible to ferment, can, and freeze for eating said food throughout the year. Mostly just a general awareness of the impact that we have on the planet and a desire to do better by it. It being the planet if that wasn’t implied .

If you were still reading this then I am overjoyed. And I look forward to providing you with something that might be close to entertainment, a small distraction while waiting at the doctors office, or just something to look at while alone at a restaurant. Whatever the context in which you find yourself looking at this I am glad you’re here.

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